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Funding Information

In order to improve the participants' overall experience and guarantee the success of the SYP Congress, a new reimbursement scheme was put in place.

After having applied for funding, the results of the applications will be released before May 6th.

If your application for funding is accepted:
  • You will be granted a registration for the Congress including everything that a General Registration would have;
  • You will have to pay the registration fee and only after the Congress will you be reimbursed;
  • You must follow the funding policy and all its requirements before, during and after the Congress in order to remain qualified for reimbursement. Your attendance will be noted at all times.
If your application for funding is rejected:
  • You will not be granted a registration for the Congress;
  • You may still register as a participant for the Congress by purchasing a General Registrations Ticket;

Please check our FAQs page here for questions regarding the funding policy and for the full details are specified in the following document: Funding Policy.